About Us

Hey Queens !...

..it’s Michelle and I’m the founder of NRIENE™

A team of skin care enthusiasts with a passion for cutting edge products solutions that improve your well-being. Having been plagued with blemish-prone oily skin and bad skin, I know what to look for when carefully selecting our skin care products. 

I found I was not the only skin-care product junkies out and set out to find something that actually gave LASTING results and not something skin gets used too after 3 months and we’re back at square one.
Thankfully, we found the NRIENE™ ClearPore PRO Face Wand and just had to share it.


We're more than just about selling skincare products but a true believer that real beauty comes from within - no matter what state your skin is in or Snapchat filter you hide behind.. I know this because I was that person. 

I help women who have lost their self-esteem due to skin issue build inner confidence and see themselves as the Queen they are.. Hence the name RIENE which means 'Queen' in French.

NRIENE™ is here for women that want to understand the root of the skin issues;

Problem 1 : Over 5 million women are unhappy with the way they look because of their skin !

Our solution : is The Clear Pore Wand because it penetrates the deepest skin layer to unblock pores and we are here to educate women on the skin products that will yield the best results for them. 

Problem 2 : 42% of women are frustrated with long complicated multi step routines

Our solution : is our 'ClearPore' Journal Planner that provides a step-by-step of the progress made by sticking to their personalised simple routine for women who want to incorporate simpler effective skin routines 

Problem 3 : 87% of women are confused about skincare products, the effects of the ingredients and confusing terminology

Our solution : is our Personalised 'ClearPore' Guide that educates our audience on their specific skin type to build a simple, straightforward skincare routine to achieve your skin goals for women that to understand the effects of the ingredients in products

Problem 4 : our skin changes in response to hormones and it can take up to 3 months to see a new products true effectiveness on your skin 

Our solution : is our 'ClearPore' Skin Tracker for women realistic about meeting their skin goals can take time but is achievable -and understand that skin is a process and will have its up and downs, like oestrogen and testosterone and it takes up to 6 weeks for regenerate skin cells to reach the skins surface to maintain a clear complexion. 

BUT at NRIENE™ is here to ensure there are more ups than downs.
Our mission is to educate and edify our customers no matter what part of the skincare journey YOU are on ..