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"Investing in this mask was worth every penny. It's simple to use and delivers noticeable results with each session🤩" Debbie - verified purchase

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Improve skin tone and texture
Smooth fine lines and wrinkles
Increase collagen production
Reduce acne and prevent breakouts
No chemicals, no UV light
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Nriene LED Facemask

Luxury Salon Skin Care Just Got Affordable!

The Full Face & Neck LED Light Therapy Mask is the optimal skin care experience for your face. The variety of 7 LED light pre-sets provide effective treatment for a vast range of common skin problems.

The versatility of the LED Therapy Mask works by exposing the skin to 7 different wavelengths of light proven to benefit the skin, delivered in a safe and therapeutic dose. Use this Therapy Mask to combat visible signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, minimize scarring, kill acne bacteria and more, to leave your skin soft and smooth.

Bring salon technology to the comfort of your own home and experience Nriene's LED Mask working miracles on your skin.

Get started in 4 simple steps

Heal with the power of light

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Step 1

Wash and cleans your face before treatment.

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Step 2

Select colour wave length and intensity.

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Step 3

Sit back and relax for 15-20 minutes.

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Step 4

Embrace your results!

Beauty of clinical results from home

A daily 5 minute session is like going to the beauty clinic five times a week. Minus the on-going costs, the time commitment, the overpromises, the upselling.

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7 LED Colours

Treat a vast range of skin problems.


Red Light - 620nm

Stimulates collagen production. Reduces fine lines & wrinkles, firms skin, improves texture.


Purple Light - 415 - 620nm

Combined benefits of the red and blue wave lengths.


Blue Light - 415nm

Kills acne bacteria and calms overactive skin.


Green Light - 525nm

Reduces hyper pigmentation, speeds up healing pre-existing scars.


Yellow Light - 590nm

Improves exchange of oxygen in cells. Decomposes pigments and improves texture.


Cyan Light - 490nm

Enhances cell energy and promotes healing.


White Light - 850nm

Deep tissue penetration to accelerate active tissue. Improves elastin and lifts sagging skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We got answers.

What type of results will I see? How quickly will I see them?

Every individual may respond differently to specific wavelengths of lights and results will depend on the goal you want to achieve. However, with daily use, you should be able to see improvements in 4 to 12 weeks. It is important to take "before and after" pictures to document your progress. Results will be subtle and it is important to set your expectations right. This is not magic and results do not show overnight. Results are cumulative, frequent daily treatment is the key to seeing results at all. Most users see a reduction of acne breakouts and redness after 2 weeks. Smoother lines, improved skin tone and firmness after 10-12 weeks. With continued positive results of skin improving overtime. For the best results we recommend at least 12 weeks of daily use.

Who can benefit from LED light therapy?

Most people can benefit from LED light therapy treatments. Anyone, at any age, with acne-prone skin can benefit from using the Light Therapy Mask– to both treat acne and pro-actively prevent it. However some people are recommended to not use this therapy. Such as people that are pregnant, have epilepsy, photo-allergy and any medications that cause light sensitivity. Additionally, you should consult your doctor before using if you have the following conditions thyroid conditions, history of skin cancer and retina diseases.

Where does the Light Therapy Mask treatment fit into a skincare routine?

It can be used day or night. You can fit it into your current skincare routine after cleaning and/or exfoliating your skin. After the 3 treatment is complete, follow with your topical skincare products of choice.

How do you charge the Light Therapy Mask?

Every Light Therapy Mask comes with a universal USB-C charging cable. Simply plug the cable into any regular USB charger to charge your mask! There won't be any difference between countries, and voltage won't be changed so you can get the maximum power where ever you are. Charging takes about 2-4 hours and gives you approximately 8 to 10 full treatment sessions.

What should I do after using the Light Therapy Mask?

After care advice: Allow 5 days before use after any Botox / filler treatments. Always wear a broad spectrum UVA & UVB sunscreen. Don’t clean your skin in the evening after your treatment. Allow the serums to soak in and work overnight. Gently cleanse your skin using a mild cleanser for the next 48 hours. Avoid sunbeds and tanning in direct sunlight. Avoid saunas, steam rooms and swimming pools for 12 hours after.

Is there any guarantee?

We have a 14 day risk free guarantee! Meaning you can issue a return within 14 days of purchase if you're not happy with the product.


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